History In brief


Al Khalid Dewatering & Shoring Company started initially as a Dewatering division under Al Khalid Engineering & Contracting Co. for the purpose of carrying out Dewatering works for their own projects in Kuwait.  By Mid.2001, Al Khalid Dewatering Division established its own infrastructure and successfully completed several short term & long term projects.  During 2004, the company had set up own independent office and made considerable strides in acquiring several major projects with renowned companies which resulted in an increase in manpower, acquisition of more dewatering equipment & accessories, vehicles, stock yard, workshops, etc bringing in an excellent turnover.


The year 2005 saw us breaking away from the parent company and becoming an independently functioning enterprise.  Keeping in mind the rapid growth and expansion of the company in the past few years, in order to proceed along with our expansion plans, it was necessary for us to recruit extra skilled personnel and procure requisite materials/equipments. We have purchased multi-purpose rig, Anchor Rig with accessories & vehicles added to our fleet.  We have also increased our manpower (technical & management) to a higher level which is sufficient to meet the demands of work to the present market requirements.


During the last 15 years, we specialized in executing our Scope of Works and would like to state that our company has now grown in to an enterprise with abundant manpower, equipment and infrastructure without any outstanding debts or financial liabilities.  In addition, we have earned good will and respect in the market. We are constantly improving our equipment fleet, manpower, infrastructure etc in order to meet with future demands in Kuwait.

objective  :

In light of the unprecedented amount of projects currently available in Kuwait, there are huge prospects to expand the company’s projects portfolio and turnover. Taking in to consideration the fact that the main focus are the upcoming infrastructure projects with high technical, professional foundation management requirements, we have decided that the best approach to achieve our goals is to upgrade company’s present structure by recruiting more highly skilled manpower and acquiring more equipments to benefit from the huge opportunities in the Kuwaiti construction market.

Approvals For Al Khalid

Presently, we are classified by the Ministry of Public Works in the following fields :


  • Dewatering
  • Retaining Wall
  • Piling


Approvals for our works have/had been awarded due to the reason that we are/were assuring of excellent workmanship from start to completion of the project that will be suited to the Client’s needs and will meet their expectations.  We have Approvals from various Government Authorities and several other Clients/Consultants as listed here below.  :


  • Ministry of Public Work (M.P.W.)
  • Ministry of Interior (M.O.I.)
  • Ministry of Electricity and Water  (M.E.W.)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (M.O.F.A.)
  • Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs (M.O.A.I.A.)
  • Kuwait Municipality
  • Kuwait University (K.U.)
  • Kuwait National Guard (K.N.G.)
  • Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (K.F.S.D.)
  • Kuwait Oil Company (K.O.C.)
  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company (K.N.P.C.)
  • Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (K.O.T.C.)
  • Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (P.A.A.E.T.)
  • Public Authority for Youth and Sport (P.A.Y.S.)
  • Public Authority for Housing Welfare (P.A.H.W.)