Al Khalid Dewatering & Shoring Co. have successfully completed various prestigious projects besides small projects and are continuing to execute several ongoing ones.  A list of projects in complete have been included in our Company Profile which will be submitted upon request.  But, we would like to opt out some of the major projects from that list as mentioned here under  :
Sr. No. Name of Projects Client Contractor
1 New Adult Psychiatric Hospital Project MPW Al Khalid Engg. & Cont. Co.
2 Shouweikh University Project MPW Al Khalid Engg. & Cont. Co.
3 Twin Vent Box Culverts RA / 97 MPW Mushrif Trad. & Cont. Co.
4 Construction, Completion & Maintenance of the Kuwait Sanitary Sewer Renovation (Salmiyah & Rumaithiya) – Contract No.  SE/48 MPW M.A. Kharafi & Sons
5 Trench for Kuwait Sewer Renovation Project Mangaf, Fahaheel, Badawieh, Fintas, Mahboula & Abu Halifa – Contract No. SE-52 MPW Combined Group Co.
6 Al Khiran New Town Infrastructure Works for Block 2, 3 & 7, Neighbourhood-1  – Contract No.  1 / 2002 State of Kuwait Council of Ministers. Divided Zone Agreements and  Kuwait  Islands  and  Mega  Projects  Developments Team M.A. Kharafi & Sons
7 Continuation of  above project in Khiran, Dewatering works also carried out for a water tower – 14 kilometers pipe line going wafra towards Khiran Project (above).
8 Several Valve Chambers and Trench Works for the project ‘Al Zour Gas Turbine Power Project – Contract No. MEW/C/2863-2002/2003 MEW Alghanim Int’l Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co.
9 Manholes for Pipe Lines at the project ‘Construct., Completion and maint. of Two R.C. Reservoirs, 50 M.I.G.  Fresh Water at Al Zour Water Distribution Complex’  Contract No. MEW/2820-2002/2003. MEW The Kuwait Arab Contractors
10 Multi-Storey Building at Salmiya area Private Mishari Khalid Zaid Al Khalid .
11 Multi-Storey Building for Al Bakri Printing Press at Shuwaikh area Private Arabian Group Ind. & Build. Co.
12 Al Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed International Stadium at Ardiyah MPW M.A. Kharafi & Sons
13 New Pumping Station A7 and Associated Tunnels Projects, Contract No. : SPA / 115) MPW M.A. Kharafi & Sons
14 Egaila Pump Station and Related Sanitary Lines Project (Contract No. : SE/69) MPW M.A. Kharafi & Sons
15 Constr., compl. & Maint. of  KOTC Main Office Building at Shuwaikh, – Contract # SP/02/2005   KOTC RECAFCO.
16 Trench works for Manholes for Pipe Lines at the project ‘Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed City – Infrastructure work MPW Combined Group Co. Trad. & Cont.
17 Car parks, academic building, communal buildings) at the project ‘College of Business Studies – Male Campus, Ardya’ K.U. M.A. Kharafi & Sons
18 EPC Project for Conversion of Az-Zour South Gas Turbine Plant to Combined Cycle – Contract No. : MEW/C/3610-2006/2007 MEW Alghanim Int’l Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co..
19 Kuwait Sports Club for the Deaf Project, Shuwaikh MPW Kuwaiti Manager Company  
20 Public Buildings at (2, 3&7) Blocks of the First Dhahiya & Infrastructure of Dhahiya Center at New Kheiran Town Project. P.A.H.W RECAFCO
21 Operation Center Building – Kuwait National Guard’ Project, Al Regee.   KNG Combined Group Contracting Co
22 Two Locations at ‘Az Zour Water Distribution Scheme P.H.2.D.I.Pipeline Project– North & South of Mina Abdullah Complex’. MEW KCC Engineering & Cont. Co. (KCCEC)
23 Commercial Building Project in Shuwaikh Private Maskat Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co.
24 Project  ‘Rehabilitation of Expansion Joint and Settlements to Marine Berth-Shuwaikh Port’   KPA Eamar Hadetha Est for Gen. Trad. Cont.
25 Boulevard Project  (Salmiyah Park Project) Private Wara Construction Co.
26 Bayan Palace Conference Hall & Car Park Project Al-Diwan Al-Amiri Al Hani Constr. & Trad. Co.  
27 Manholes on pipeline from Doha water complex to Al Ghazali road and modifications inside pump station and ancillary works at the water complex MPW KCC Engineering & Cont. Co. (KCCEC)
28 Culverts,  Pipeline Trench Works  for Sabah Al Ahmed City Housing Project – Infrastructure Works at Wafra P.A.H.W Mubarak Al Hajraf Est. Gen. Trad. Co.
29 Shafts for Micro-tunneling Works at Sabah Al Ahmed City Housing Project, Infrastructure Works at Wafra P.A.H.W High Slant Cont. & Trad. Co.
30 Facility Management Office Complex for the new University City for Kuwait University at Al Shadadiya Area K.U. RECAFCO
31 KOC Contract No. 40218 Polyuretane Coating Applications for 32″ dia HP Gas line from BS-150 to GCMB Manifold at Burgan Oil Field KOC Combined Group Cont. Co. (Oil Sector).
32 Various chambers of different depths at Ardiya & Eshbiliya area related to the ‘Contract # MEW/MC/3753-2007-2008 MEW KCC Engineering & Cont. Co. (KCCEC)
33 Eshbiliya Neighborhood Centre Project MPW M.A. Kharafi & Sons
34 Project No. 1617 New 40″ Gas Pipeline from BS-131 to LPG Plant @ MAA     MEW HIESCO
35 Kuwait Sewerage Improvement Project Phase IX, Part ‘B’ Sabah Al Salem , Contract SE/104 MPW M.A. Kharafi & Sons
36 Contract # MEW/MC/3753-2007-2008 – Constr. Of 1200mm dia (FW) Ductile iron distribution pipeline, Chemical Building, Blending Building, Modifications at Pumping Station and associated works project MEW KCC Engineering & Cont. Co. (KCCEC).
37 Kuwait Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project Phase X, Part ‘I’ Bayan , Contract SE/116   MEW M.A. Kharafi & Sons.
38 Construction of  a Bitumen Storage Tank TL-12-865 at MAA Refinery KNPC Alghanim Int’l Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co..
39 Constr., Compl. & Maint. of Roads, Carparks and Infrastructure network for  Nieghbourhood  D & E at Wafra (Sabah Al Ahmed City) P.A.H.W Combined Group Cont. Co.
40 Residential Building Project (Block-1, Plot-33) at Salmiya area Private Tareq Al Essa Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co.
41 Hospital Building Project at Shaab Area    Private Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim Al Khulaifi.
42 The Renewal of the Markers of the Partitioned Zone Dividing Line and Boundary Line between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The State of Kuwait MOFA Gulf Royalty Trad. & Cont. Co.
43 Interchanges on Main Highway Fahaheel express connecting to South of Sabahiya and Mangaf Area – RA/188 MPW Combined Group Cont. Co.
44 Administrative, Educational & Student Services Buildings at Shuwaikh Campus PAAET RECAFCO.
45 American Furniture Showroom’  at Al Rai-Shuwaikh. Private Al Khalid Engin. & Contr.Co.
46 Swimming Pool Complex Project at Farwaniya area PAYS Kuwait Reconstruction House
47 Kuwait Bowling Sports Club Project at Salmiya area PAYS Kuwaiti Manager Company
48 Contract No. MEW/C/4244 – 2010-2011 AZ Zoor South RO Desilanation Plant with Recarbonation System with O&M Services Project MEW Alghanim Int’l. Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co.
49 RA-184 6th Ring road – South Jahra-East & West Bond Amghara project – Work Order 23 & 24. MPW Combined Group Cont. Co.
50 Project No. 673006 – HDEC-KOC-Pipeline Works – Part-A – Protion-1   KOC Heavy Engin.Ind. & Ship. Co.
51 RA-167 – Construction, Completion & Maintenance of Roads, Overpasses,Stormwater Drainage, Sewer and Other Services fo Jamal Abdul Nasster Street MPW Canar  (Main Contractor : Rizzani De Eccher/OHL/ Boodai/Trevi)
52 Upgrading & Rerouting of pipelines in MAA Refinary KNPC ISCO
53 Fire Fighting Building at Mushrif KFSD Al-Enma’a Real Estate Co.
54 Building Project in Al Rai-Shuwaikh area Private Fajr Al Eman Gen. Trd. Co.
55 Al Nasser Sports Club, Ardiya   PAYS Kuwait Reconstruction House
56 Credit One Kuwait Holding HQ, Shuwaikh Private First United Co.
57 Thermal Tank & Power Station – Salmiya MEW Specialist Oilfield Co. (SOS)
58 Sharq Residential Tower Project Private Al Saif Real Estate Co.
59 Residential Buildin in Mahboula Private Bayan National Trading Co.
60 Health Science Arabization Center, South Surra MPW Al Omara Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co.
61 Administration Building at Mishref MPW Al Muhtaheda Co.
62 Hawally Police Head Quarters in Mishref MPW First  Kuwaiti Trad. & Cont. Co.
63 Police Head Quarter Building at Farwaniya MPW Kuwait Reconstruction House
64 Salmiya Mall Project  (Mall & Car Park) Private Azzoub Real Estate Co.
65 Farwaniya Immigration Building at Riggai MPW O & G  Engg. Co
66 MAN Showroom, Al Rai Private Ali Alghanim & Sons
67 Sabah Al Salem University City K.U. First Kuwaiti Trad. & Contr. Co.
68 Bowling Center Carpark, Salmiyah PAYS Al Tawbad Co.
69 Building in Shuwaikh Industrial Area Private Fajr Ali Jamalo
70 Lakes project site at Funaitees Private Kothban Co.
71 Building in Messila area Private First United Co.
72 KNPC Carpark Building,  Ahmadi KNPC KCCeC
73 Residential Building at Mahboula Private Al Nassir & Al Nashie United Co.
74 Residential Building in Salmiya Private Total Trade Gen. Trad. Co,
75 Saba Al Salm Electrical Grid Station MEW Sayed Hamid Behbehani & Sons Co.
76 Administration Building at Reggai MOAIA Al Tawbad Co.
77 Awtad Tower at Bnaid Al Gar Private Al Khalid Engin.Cont.Co.
78 Granada Cinema Private First United Decoration Co.
79 Wafra Housing Complex Private Integrated Engineering Co.
80 Royal Costa Tower at Salmiya Private Middle East Development Co.
81 Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre at Shaab Al-Diwan Al-Amiri Alghanim Int’l. Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co..
82 Fast Food Restaurants PAAET Universal Leaders Gen. Trad. Co.
83 Plastic Factory at Sabhan Private Al-Khalid Plastics
84 Maarafy Residential Buildings Complex Private Omniyat Real Estate Co.
85 Criminal Evidence Car Park MOI Al-Tawbad Gen. Trad. Co.
86 Petrol Station at Shuwaikh KNPC FINESCO.
87 Multi Storey Car Park for Municipality, at Mirgab area Kuwait Municipality Al-Tawbad Gen. Trad. Co.
88 Rumaitheya Co-Operative Society Coop.  Society Al-Khunaini Co.
89 The Wellness Clinic at Bnaid Al-Gar Private Bu-Khamseen Group for Contr.
90 Marine Environment protection Building at Ghurnata MPW KCC eC.
91 Sheikh Nasser Al Sabah Clinic – Bnied Al Gar Al Hamidiya & Al Ahlia Gen. Trad. Co.
92 Al Shuhada Tower for Muncipality Kuwait Municipality Al-Tawbad Gen. Trading Co.
93 Al Shaaya Stores at Shuwaikh Private Al-Nassir & Al-Nashie Gen. Trading Co.
94 Al Shuwaifat School at Mahboula Private Tareq Al Essa Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co.