Welcome to Al Khalid Dewatering and Shoring Co.

Embark on a rewarding journey with Al Khalid Dewatering and Shoring Co., where your professional growth and unique talents are at the heart of our success. As a prominent player in shoring, dewatering, and piling in Kuwait, we offer a vibrant and supportive workplace that nurtures development and achievement.


Discover a workplace where skills, dedication, and a commitment to excellence form the foundation of our success. At Al Khalid Dewatering and Shoring Co., Join us in driving the success of our company and building a future together.


Explore our current job openings, and consider joining us on this exciting adventure. We look forward to welcoming you to Al Khalid Dewatering and Shoring Co. as we shape the future of projects in Kuwait.

Why Al Khalid Dewatering and Shoring Co.?

Join us and discover a workplace where:

  1. Learn and Grow: Continuous learning is not just encouraged; it's a cornerstone at Al Khalid Dewatering and Shoring Co. Whether you're taking your first steps in your career or seeking to expand your expertise, we provide opportunities to enhance your skills in underground construction.

  2. Unleash Your Talent: We value the distinctive skills each team member brings. At Al Khalid, your unique capabilities are recognized, appreciated, and crucial to the strength of our collective achievements.

  3. Professional Advancement: Your professional journey matters to us. As you excel in your role, Al Khalid is committed to providing numerous opportunities for career advancement within the company. We believe in recognizing and promoting the potential within our team.

How to Apply ?

Start by heading over to our Recruitment Page, Over there you will find all the vacancies, we are currently looking for.

Simply select your applicable job title, read the description, click on apply and fill in your details. we will inform you with any updates on your application status.



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