Usage of the Equipment

These unique machines are multi purpose rigs. The design of the ABI MOBILRAM TM14/17 with Vibrator (MRZV 925 VS is focused on torque absorption and maximum piling length.

This machine can drive a steel pile to 17 meter deep and if with welded an extensions on to for another 12 meter to a total of 29m i.e. H & I Beams or Sheet Piles.  They have the capability to drill, vibrate and impact hammer piles of all sizes and types

The auger drive MBA 3100 is suitable for nearly all kinds of drilling works e.g. ground release drilling, foundation piles and well drilling. Equipped with a concrete passage also suited for installation of CFA piles, part and full displacement piles

Application of the equipment 

  • Piling and extraction using vibrator hammer.
  • Drilling micro piles for deep excavation raft bracing.
  • Drilling for soil investigation.
  • Drilling and Driving Sheet Piles.
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