LIEBHERR - LB 28-320

LIEBHERR - LB 28-320

Usage of the Equipment

The proven LB 28-320 rotary drilling rig from Liebherr is used for the foundation of piles. Drilling with Kelly equipment, double rotary head and continuous flight auger are common methods. Among its main characteristics is the simple transport including folded leader as well as the wide working area thanks to the parallel kinematics. Additionally, the LB 28-320 has a robust leader which can easy handle high torques and great tractive forces of the rope crowed system. This ensures particularly fast operating cycles. At jobsite conditions with limited heights, such as under bridges or below power lines, the rig can be equipped with a shortened “low-head” leader.

Operating weight

98.7 t

Max. torque

320 kNm

Kelly drilling, max. drilling depth

70.0 m

Kelly drilling, max. drilling diameter

2,300 mm

Application of the equipment

  • Powerful drive technology
  • Easy transportation and quick set-up
  • Innovative crane control
  • Innovative rotary drive
  • High service availability
  • Designed for challenging jobs
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